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    Thanks for helping poptropica 24 carrot island can help me forever i get the hang of this now your the best. Distract the rabbit and disable its ears, then free it. You have to find the cat to get the crowbar and the vent is on the right of the factory near all the green sludge. It never loads. There is a small break between them. Do so. Cancel reply Enter your comment here You're done in the farmhouse for the moment, so exit the way you came tapping on the fireplace works to leave and return right to the Carrot King Diner. You were dropped through a trapdoor! The password to the computer is, "fuzzybunny. Hare and then go to the platform to the top-right, poptropica 24 carrot island. Now head to main street and then you get up top of the factory and grab the vent blue prints this is the last picture im putting cuz it's really not anything. You have to hold the movement arrow which turns yellow at the lower side of the shaft, below you, and keep it there as you bounce up against the ceiling and then descend again. Like this:
Poptropica - 24 Carrot Island Full Walkthrough
    Poptropia How to Complete 24 Carrot Island: Hi in my few before instructables i made a thing called How to join Poptropica. Now this is a instructable how to.
poptropica 24 carrot island

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ЗнакомстваNot Helpful 0 Helpful 3. Leave and run all the way left, to the farm. Zeus Hades Poseidon Athena Hercules. Turn on one of the faucets, and Whiskers the cat will jump out of the bathtub, and run to the bottom floor. It sounds like a glitch. Share this: You can drop down to find imprisoned rabbits, along with a Carrot Blender.



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