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    You now have 15 units of air in the syringe. Roll the bottle gently between your hands to mix the insulin. Keep in mind: Do not push the plunger because this would force clear insulin into your cloudy insulin bottle. These videos are not intended to replace any discussion, decision making or advice of your physician. Learn how we develop our content. With the tip of the needle kept in the liquid, withdraw the dose of clear insulin, in this example, mixing insulin, 10 units. Do NOT remove the needle. Current as of: If you see air bubbles in the syringe, push the insulin back into the bottle, and mixing insulin steps 17 and Wash your hands, mixing insulin. Check mixing insulin insulin bottle to ensure you have the correct cloudy type of insulin. Diabetes Hub Your guide to managing and preventing diabetes mellitus in Singapore, mixing insulin. Pull the needle out while applying pressure to the area with an alcohol swab. If clear insulin is mixed in the bottle of cloudy, it will alter the action of your other doses from that bottle.
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    How to Draw up Insulin. Drawing Up a Single Insulin into a Syringe. 1. Wash your hands with soap and water. 2. Get insulin and syringes and alcohol wipes. 3.
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Steps for Preparing a Mixed Dose of Insulin

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ЗнакомстваPull the plunger back on your insulin syringe and draw air into the syringe equal to the number of units of cloudy insulin to be given. Roll the insulin bottles vials gently between your hands. If you have any questions or problems please be sure to call or be seen. Wipe the rubber lid of both insulin bottles with an alcohol wipe or a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. These videos are not intended to replace any discussion, decision making or advice of your physician. Wipe the top of both clear and cloudy bottles with alcohol. Your use of this information means that you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Related Articles Related Stories. Share on Facebook now for Healthpoints. Insert the needle back into the vial containing the cloudy insulin.



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